Most of the world's religions believe in at least one deity. Notable deities are listed below.

Asthorn is the god followed by the monotheistic Church of Asthorn. Postdeists, although they now consider themselves a separate religion and are branded heretics by the Church, also view Asthorn as their creator god. They do not, however, believe he still involves himself with the world, and most do not pray for his favour.

The Imperial Pantheon consists of six major gods and countless minor gods, too numerous and inconsequential to list. The major gods are Strenor, the God of War, Vhalia, the Goddess of Wisdom, Estelle, the Goddess of the Stars, Freinor, the God of Nature, Alrem, the God of Order, and Charia, the Goddess of Governance.

Salamonists worship Emperor Salamon, an early ruler of the Albernecht Empire.

Verastians worship the Twin Gods.

Maiism is, as the name suggests, the worship of Mai.

Followers of the Southern Pantheon believe the first god who created all others was the Forerunner, although they believe the Forerunner no longer exists, having used its essence to create all other gods. Their gods are Orshe, God of the Sea, Natesse, Goddess of the Earth, Mirallia, the Slave Goddess, Tunwald, the God of War, Salnest, the Goddess of Revelry, Estgrin, the Half-Breed God, and Moresh, the God of the Damned. Some followers also pray to the servant of the gods, Destin the Divine Messenger.

Sunrise pagans worship the Sun God.

The Bolghyr faith involves the worship of one's ancestors' spirits, although they also follow a deity known as the Dust King.

The Rumaka and Cinnabar Road faiths do not have a deity.


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