The Unitarians are a very widespread sect of the Church of Asthorn. They are found throughout nearly all lands under the Church's control. The Unitarians have two former members sitting on the Council of Virtues, the Mercy and the Humility, who informally advocate for their beliefs. This makes them the next most powerful sect on the council after the Dodecaseptarians.

In Carthe, Unitarians are roughly as widespread as they are in the rest of the Asthornic world. They are especially common in west Carthe, including Treftyn and Enspear. As in the rest of the world, many of the poor, as well as those seeking forgiveness, embrace Unitarianism.

Unitarians believe all humans were created by Asthorn and by nature are mainly mundane, but have a portion of divinity within them. Unitarian scholars differ on whether it is possible for a human to be born without divinity, or to lose it, although they agree such an individual would be an abomination if possible. Some scholars and historians suggest that the next major sect to emerge may be due to this divide.

Unitarian beliefs vary regarding the afterlife, although the most common school of thought among them is that all humans ascend to the afterlife to be judged by Asthorn. Those deemed worthy move on to live in the afterlife, which they view as a single entity, unlike the Dodecaseptarians. Those who are deemed unworthy are cast out from the afterlife to drift in eternal nothingness.

In secular church politics, the Unitarians typically align with the Dodecaseptarians, Isolationists, and Consecrationists. They typically oppose the Generationalists and Solars. Unitarians tend to agree with Quasideists more than the rest of their bloc.


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