Solars are a major sect of the Church of Asthorn found nearly exclusively in Corelmire. They do not have a significant population anywhere outside of that continent. Solars are not currently represented on the Council of Virtues, nor have they been yet.

In Carthe, Solars are all but unheard of.

They believe Asthorn resides within the Sun, and that the world itself is a divine creation. They teach that the divinity of humans is determined by their level of synergy and coexistence with the natural world. They hold that most of the priesthood are only concerned with one aspect of Asthorn's divine will, and place more emphasis on self-reflection and personal contemplation of their deity than other doctrines within the Church as a whole. Some of the beliefs of the Solars skirt dangerously close to heresy, in the eyes of many, and a significant number of those prosecuted by the Inquisition as heretics are Solars. Many of their beliefs are taken from the continent's dominant religion before the Church of Asthorn arrived, the Sunrise faith, including attributing several properties of their Sun God to Asthorn.

Solars believe that the dead do not continue living consciously in the afterlife. Rather, they hold that upon death, one's soul returns to the earth along with their body, where it remains in harmony for eternity. Those who live a life in tune with the natural world will find the most happiness.

In secular Church politics, the Solars typically align with the Generationalists and the Quasideists. They typically oppose the Dodecaseptarians, Unitarians, Isolationists, and Consecrationists.


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