The Isolationists are a major sect within the Church of Asthorn. They are most widespread in Romathia and the parts of Fjorfall following the Church. Historically one of the most prominent sects, even producing the last Purity, the Isolationists have recently fallen into disfavour in Church politics after opposing the ascension of the current (Dodecaseptarian-leaning) Purity. The Council of Virtues does not currently count an Isolationist among its members.

Isolationists are found relatively uncommonly in Carthe. Though they do exist in small groups, the Isolationists' current status as an unfashionable outsider means they earn few converts, while some of their followers convert to avoid discrimination or ally with a larger faction. 

Isolationist beliefs have several superficial similarities to those of the Generationalists, although the two groups rarely see eye to eye, as they disagree greatly where they do differ. Isolationists believe that divinity is granted at birth to those with a special purpose from Asthorn. They do not consider any others to hold divinity at all. While they believe most of those given a purpose by Asthorn join the priesthood, those who do not are destined to become Prophets. Isolationists do not recognize any saints; while they value good deeds done by those outside the priesthood, they do not believe these do-gooders have any element of divinity which distinguishes them from the rest of humanity.

Isolationists have some of the most restrictive beliefs about the afterlife. Like the Dodecaseptarians, they believe the afterlife is divided into several discrete realms. The innermost sphere is occupied by Asthorn and his priests. The central layer is a utopia home to the Prophets, and also accessible by the priesthood. The outermost layer is where the rest of the Church's believers reside. Like the central layer, those from layers further in are able to access it should they wish.

In secular Church politics, the Isolationists typically align with the Dodecaseptarians, the Unitarians, and the Consecrationists. They typically oppose the Generationalists, the Quasideists, and the Solars.


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