Imperial Pantheon

The state religion of the Albernecht Empire is the worship of the Imperial Pantheon. Though the Empire is very accepting of religious minority communities, those in power nearly all worship the Imperial Pantheon, although Salamonists, as a homegrown Imperial faith, have risen to prominence.

The Imperial Pantheon is a collection of six major gods and goddesses, and countless minor ones. The minor deities include the mundane, such as the God of Sanitation and the Goddess of Midwives, to the esoteric, including the God of Lepers and the Goddess of Public Humiliation. It is very typical to see worshippers pray to all of the major deities and several minor ones, although there are those who take a narrower view and focus on the worship of one or a small number of deities.

The six major deities are Strenor, the God of War, Vhalia, the Goddess of Wisdom, Estelle, the Goddess of the Stars, Freinor, the God of Nature, Alrem, the God of Order, and Charia, the Goddess of Governance. The minor deities are far too numerous to list.

Beliefs vary widely depending on deity. Highly generally, worshippers believe the Empire is divinely guided by Vhalia and Estelle, and watched over by Alrem and Charia. Strenor is said to give the Empire the mandate to spread their rule and worship across the world, justifying the Empire's expansionist foreign policy. Freinor is equally respected as a major god of the Imperial Pantheon, but is seen as less related to government.

Worship of the Imperial Pantheon is far less intrinsically connected to the Empire's government than is seen in nations belonging to the Church of Asthorn. While priests of the Pantheon are held in high regard, they do not typically involve themselves in politicking. It is typically expected for Imperial civil servants to be followers of the Pantheon, or, more rarely, a Salamonist, meaning government is still dominated by this faith.

Typically, worshippers of the Imperial Pantheon cooperate well with those of other faiths. The Empire is known for its tolerance of religious minority communities, with followers of the Church of AsthornRumaka communities, worshippers of the Yeshami religions (Verast, Maiism, and the Cinnabar Road) and many Salamonists within its borders. Those Bolghyr who have settled within the Empire are permitted to continue following the Bolghyr faith, although few do, due to its harsh consideration of those who abandon their tribe. More far-flung religions, such as the Postdeists, worshippers of the Southern Pantheon, and the Black Dawn, have minor footholds within the Empire.

Imperial Pantheon

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