The Hesterians are a largely defunct heretic sect. There are, however, small communities who follow these beliefs in secret, mainly in far-flung areas where the original exiled Hesterians settled. Some very few live in the Yvethi Merchant League or Albernecht Empire, where they can practice openly.

There are no Hesterians openly practicing in Carthe, outside of very small communities in the Imperial province, nor have any Hesterian communities been found by the Inquisition.

Hesterians believed that, of the Twenty-Seven, one Prophet named Thomas was wed to a woman named Hester before being called by Asthorn. Contemporary scholars heavily disputed this claim; while Hester is present in the Holy Writings as an early follower of Asthorn and companion, the Church forbids the priesthood from marriage and the siring of children, while Hester is mentioned to have two sons and a daughter. The sitting Purity issued an Edict stating that none of the Twenty-Seven had children, including Thomas, and that Hester's husband was another. As the Writings have since been revised to "clarify" this "fact," scholars find it impossible to study the parts which led to the beliefs of the Hesterians, although few would risk the wrath of the Inquisition by studying such a subject, anyhow. 

When the Hesterians, including several prominent Church leaders, disputed this Edict, a Purification was declared and the Hesterians were killed, converted, or driven out. The Hesterian heresy is mainly a belief of antiquity, as the original Holy Writings supporting their claims, should they still exist, are locked away in The Thorn's special library.


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