The most prominent sect of the Church of Asthorn, the Dodecaseptarians, also known as the Twenty-Seveners, are found throughout the lands controlled by the Church. The current Purity, as well as the Diligence, Wisdom, and Charity of his Council of Virtues, were former Dodecaseptarians before joining the Council, and still heavily favour it. Some opponents of the Dodecaseptarians coined the nickname "Dodos" for them, after a flightless bird native to Corelmire and not particularly well known for its intelligence. While this nickname is often used derogatorily, some use it mainly due to the length of the sect's official name.

In Carthe, the Dodecaseptarians are the most widespread sect. While many followers of various sects have come from all over to colonize Carthe, the Purity appointed a Dodecaseptarian as their archbishop, leading many to adopt its beliefs.

Dodecaseptarians believe the only humans granted divinity by Asthorn were the original Prophets, the Twenty-Seven. All other humans are viewed as wholly mundane; from the Purity and Council of Virtues to the Prophets and saints to the lowest of peasants, all are seen as human until death. This belief means less heed is paid to more recent Prophets, in favour of focusing Church doctrine upon the original teachings of the Twenty-Seven.

Purities associated with the Dodecaseptarians have also been known to issue fewer Edicts than most, and those they do have tended to focus more on political affairs than theology. Dodecaseptarian teachings state that no man can be considered to be higher than the Twenty-Seven, and that those Prophets Asthorn does continue to speak through mainly serve to deliver a single important message. A Purity aligned with the Dodecaseptarians is generally considered less likely to confirm a new Prophet.

Known as one of the stricter sects of the Church of Asthorn, the Dodecaseptarians believe one's fate in the afterlife is determined at the time of death, based on the sum of one's actions throughout their life. They place a larger emphasis than most sects on moral guidelines and propriety. They believe the highest level of the afterlife is occupied only by Asthorn and the Twenty-Seven, and lies at the center of the afterlife. The other levels get gradually lower and wider, surrounding this center, with those who have served as Purity or a member of the Council of Virtues in the second highest level, other prominent priests in the third, Prophets, saints, and the rest of the priesthood in the fourth, and all other followers in the fifth ring.

In secular Church politics, the Dodecaseptarians typically align with the Unitarians, Isolationists, and the Consecrationists. They typically oppose the Generationalists, Quasideists, and Solars.


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