Council of Virtues

The Council of Virtues are some of the most influential priests of the Church of Asthorn, residing in The Thorn and aiding the Purity in determining Church policy. The Council always has eight members, representing the eight minor virtues of Asthorn: Diligence, Compassion, Mercy, Wisdom, Charity, Responsibility, Insight, and Humility. Members of the council are known by the title of one specific virtue, for example Insight Sethael.

The Council is also responsible for choosing a new Purity from among their number upon the death of the previous one, as well as appointing Bishops and Archbishops, including those who rule the world's Prince-Bishoprics and High Archbishoprics, territories ruled directly by the Church.

While the Virtues are officially forbidden from belonging to any one sect, much like the Purity, reality does not conform to this practice. Nearly every Virtue favours a sect, most commonly the one they followed before being named to the council. Some Virtues throughout history have supported a sect for political reasons, however.

On the current Council, the Diligence, Wisdom, and Charity favour the Dodecaseptarians; the Mercy and Humility favour the Unitarians; the Compassion favours the Generationalists; the Responsibility favours the Quasideists. The current Insight is the closest to being truly neutral as the Church states Virtues are, although his beliefs align with the Consecrationist sect more often than not. The Isolationist sect does not currently have a Virtue on the Council, nor do the Solars or any minor sect.

Council of Virtues

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