The Consecrationists are one of the major sects of the Church of Asthorn. They are found all throughout the Asthornic world. They do not currently directly control a member of the Council of Virtues, although the Insight often aligns himself with them.

In Carthe, Consecrationists are found mainly in self-contained communities. Their beliefs have long been held mainly by those in the clergy, never finding much grassroots support, and as a result Consecrationist communities generally form around priests.

Consecrationists believe that humans are born mundane, but Asthorn has granted divinity to the clergy, which can be passed on to other believers through a blessing. Their belief in divine power held only by the priesthood also leads to a belief that those in the Church are higher than any other rulers of man. Even emperors and kings receive their mandate from Asthorn, but only the clergy are granted eternal power, and are seen as more important. This doctrine is, understandably, appealing to those priests who wish to accrue more power, and several Consecrationists have become Purity throughout history. It was a Consecrationist Purity who established the Inquisition, which still holds Consecrationist teachings close.

The Consecrationists believe that only the clergy and those blessed by them can access the afterlife. They view the afterlife as a single contiguous realm, where all the blessed live in harmony with Asthorn.

In secular Church politics, the Consecrationists typically align with the Dodecaseptarians, Unitarians, and Isolationists. They typically oppose the Generationalists, the Quasideists, and the Solars.


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