• Amanda Kaspen

    Amanda Kaspen

    The hero of this story. Third in line to rule Kaspen.
  • Arion Trest

    Arion Trest

    Confidant of Lord Cormac. Chancellor of Kaspen.
  • Brynn Masters

    Brynn Masters

    An experienced female knight. Amanda's personal guard.
  • Cormac Kaspen

    Cormac Kaspen

    Amanda's father. Lord of Kaspen.
  • Deasta Lasten

    Deasta Lasten

    Lord Cormac's second wife. Amanda's stepmother.
  • Denning Brooksworth

    Denning Brooksworth

    Longtime ally of Lord Cormac. Marshal of Kaspen.
  • Father James

    Father James

    Chaplain of Kaspen. Lowborn.
  • Lars Dustman

    Lars Dustman

    Guard to Lord Cormac. Uncle to Talia.
  • Lynine Sholt

    Lynine Sholt

    Narron's wife. Amanda's sister-in-law.
  • Maia Garou

    Maia Garou

    Roth's young daughter. Idolizes Amanda.
  • Mark Stablesworth

    Mark Stablesworth

    Captain of the Guard in Kaspen.
  • Morris Burke

    Morris Burke

    Guard to Lord Cormac.
  • Narron Kaspen

    Narron Kaspen

    Amanda's elder brother. Heir to Kaspen.
  • Nick Eastling

    Nick Eastling

    A friend of Amanda's. Born Nicole, Nick resents female gender roles and lives life as a male.
  • Oryn Kaspen

    Oryn Kaspen

    Narron's son. Amanda's nephew.
  • Ria Eastling

    Ria Eastling

    A close friend of Amanda's. Quiet and bookish.
  • Roth Garou

    Roth Garou

    One of Lord Cormac's trusted men. Amanda's personal guard.
  • Simon


    A young lay brother who oversees the library of Kaspen. A commoner.
  • Talia Dustman

    Talia Dustman

    A close friend of Amanda's. A confident seductress. Niece to Lars.
  • Vossel Swain

    Vossel Swain

    A cousin of Maraflora's, knighted by Lord Cormac. Steward of Kaspen.