Verast is the primary religion practiced in Qullos and most of the rest of Yesham. Like the Southern Pantheon, Imperial Pantheon, Maiism, and Bolghyr faith, Verast allows men to take multiple wives. Uniquely, it also allows women to take multiple husbands, although this is uncommon.

Verast is the most sexually liberated of all religions in the known world, with the possible exceptions of the Rumaka or the Cinnabar Road, which do not hold any views in regard to sexuality or unions between individuals, seeing this as a personal matter. Sex and violence are both seen as central to the Verast religion, which puts it at odds with several other faiths, especially the Church of Asthorn, with which Verastian nations have warred for nearly the entirety of known history.

Verastians worship the Twin Gods, a pair of wholly connected deities, and most theological divisions within the religion focus on whether the Twin Gods should be considered a single entity or two. Verastians are more accepting of other faiths than the Church of Asthorn, although those who live in Verastian nations typically must pay a special tax if they do not convert. Verast lacks a religious head, viewing all its priests as equally important, though individual Verastian rulers often keep a personal priest as an advisor.

Despite their liberal views on sexuality, Verastian justice can be quite harsh. Certain acts of infidelity are seen as unforgivable, and punishable by death of both parties. Alcohol and mind-altering drugs, as well as some relatively benign herbs and medicines, are forbidden to Verastians. Those who follow other religions in Verastian nations are allowed to use these substances, although it is frowned upon. Thieves are punished by the loss of an arm, to be severed halfway between the elbow and shoulder, as well as having one eye branded. Public lashings are a common punishment for deviant behaviour. Above all, slavery is forbidden, and no slave holders are permitted within Verastian lands, be they foreigner or domestic. Holding a slave is punishable by death or exile, depending on the nation.

While Verastions have feuded with the Church of Asthorn for as long as the two groups have known of each other, they do not engage in holy war with other faiths. Maiism, the Cinnabar Road, and the Postdeists all live in relative harmony throughout Yesham, the former two even being native to the continent. Verastians also rarely take issue with followers of the Imperial Pantheon, although secular wars with the Albernecht Empire are quite common. The Rumaka are held in very high regard among Verastians, and the Yvethi are excluded from the additional taxes levied upon those of other faiths. The Southern Pantheon's worshippers are also typically tolerated, although their belief that the Twin Gods are children of the Forerunner seen as inferior is considered sacrilegious. Salamonists are viewed highly negatively, both for their belief that a human can become a god, and their hawkish politics. Verastians have yet to come into contact with the Bolghyr or worshippers of the Sun God, although they take no major issues with the Bolghyr faith or Sunrisers based on what news travels to them.


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