Many religions exist in the world of The Unexpected Heir. The most notable are below.

The largest religion in the world is the Church of Asthorn, followers of, unsurprisingly, Asthorn. The dominant religion of five continents and a significant presence on several others, the Church's influence is as widespread as it is domineering. The Purity and Council of Virtues keep an iron grip upon the lands under their dominion. The Church is known for its reach, seeking to control not only the lives of its worshippers, but to remove or convert the heathens beyond its borders. The Church is divided into several sects, and has several heretic offshoots.

The citizens of the Albernecht Empire are primarily worshippers of the Imperial Pantheon, and Salamonists are worshippers of a past emperor, found mainly in southern Greszynmyre. The Empire is also very tolerant of religious minorities, and communities belonging to many religions, including the Church, those below, and more minor faiths still, can be found throughout its borders.

Verast is the religion adhered to by many nations in Yesham, including Qullos. The continent is also home to two smaller religions, Maiism and the Cinnabar Road. In addition, a former sect of the Church who were declared heretics, called the Postdeists, fled the Purification into Yesham, even establishing their own kingdom.

While many in the Southern League now worship Asthorn, some nations within the League, and most of those in Fjorfall who are not members, still worship the Southern Pantheon. The Rumaka faith is also common in some nations in the continent.

The Yvethi Merchant League, as the largest trade league in the known world with ports in nearly every coastal country, tends to present itself as a neutral, although not atheist, society. The original Yvethi people were primarily Rumaka, although religion for the Yvethi is generally considered to be a private affair, and they disdain overt displays of faith. People of every faith are welcome to trade or live in Yvethi ports, which tend to be highly multicultural. Although many ethnic Yvethi are practicing Rumaka, other religions are common among them as well.

Prior to the Church's expansion into Corelmire, its inhabitants followed the Sunrise faith, worshipping the Sun God. After conversion, most inhabitants now follow the Solar sect, which attempts to reconcile the Church's teachings with the beliefs of the Sunrise faith. Those who still worship the Sun God directly either live on Corelmire in secret, or have relocated to the Yvethi Merchant League or the Albernecht Empire.

The Bolghyr faith practices worshipping ancestor spirits, as well as a deity called the Dust King. Some scholars who study the Bolghyr have suggested that this seeming contradiction may spring from two groups with different ideologies joining together in the past to become the Bolghyr of today.  Regardless of the truth, the Bolghyr see their beliefs as one faith now. The Bolghyr faith is especially unforgiving towards apostates, believing those who turn from their ancestors are severed irrevocably from their family.


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