The Postdeists originated as a heretic sect of the Church of Asthorn. Like other heresies, the Postdeists were eventually targeted by the Purity, having a Purification declared upon them. However, unlike most other heresies, the Postdeists not only survived their Purification, but thrived afterwards. After Lord Friedrek of Marsc led a rearguard defense against the Inquisition forces at the cost of his life, the attackers were sufficiently diminished and worn down by his spirited defense that most of the fleeing Postdeist civilians escaped to Yesham, where they were safe from the Church, for the most part.

The Postdeist groups in Yesham eventually established themselves sufficiently to declare their own small kingdom. Although their land is mainly desert that no other nation felt like contesting, they have established a homeland for their people. Naturally, the Church did not approve of this, and several times has a Purity called for a new Purification of the Postdeists. Thus far, they have resisted each one. While their existence is largely becoming an accepted fact, any found following their teachings within the borders controlled by the Church are burned at the stake.

The main tenet of the Postdeist sect is that Asthorn is no longer actively involved in the world. Most believe Asthorn moved on to create other worlds, while some believe the god simply lost interest in the mortals it had created. Some extreme believers suggest Asthorn is, in fact, dead, although this belief (and Asthorn's mortality as a whole) is far from widespread, held only by fringe groups. Postdeists place a high importance on following a moral code rather than religious commands, although their code is rooted in the Holy Writings. They do not see much value in the more puritanical aspects of Church politics, being far more pragmatic in their beliefs.

Postdeists believe that all humans will ascend to the afterlife, and it is a common belief that the afterlife is not terribly different from the world of the living, aside from the lack of mortality and earthly desires. They do believe the Holy Writings of the Twenty-Seven and some early Prophets to be true, although they feel they are no longer bound by Asthorn's moral commands. They disdain any recent Prophets; if Asthorn is no longer watching the world, after all, they must be frauds.

While they do believe in Asthorn as a deity, Postdeists do not pray to any god. They generally get along well with the Yeshami religions. Being concentrated in the western reaches of Yesham, the Postdeists are not in contact with any other religions enough to form an opinion. Although they do appreciate those Yvethi traders who come to their lands, as the Yvethi hold religion to be a private matter, they have little knowledge of the Rumaka faith.


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