The world of The Unexpected Heir is made up of many nations. Some of the more significant can be found below.

In Carthe, the majority of the settlements are semi-autonomous city-states vassal to the Six Kingdoms. The Albernecht Empire and Aestnia also claim parts of the continent among their borders, and the Yvethi Merchant League have settled an island in the Bay of Prosperity. The Bolghyr are also found in Carthe, although they are largely nomadic and do not have any settlements to speak of.  The following nations are found in Carthe:

Vaestia is made up nearly exclusively of the Six Kingdoms. The Yvethi do maintain a small presence, and the Church of Asthorn rules over the Prince-Bishopric of Fraige. The following nations are found in Vaestia:

Zunstaria is a highly mountainous land, with its only large cities found in its valleys. It is divided into many small nations, none of which are significant enough to note here.

Corelmire is split into two peaceful kingdoms, neither worthy of note. The Yvethi Merchant League operates a port on a small island south of the mainland.

Greszynmyre is dominated nearly entirely by the Albernecht Empire. As in most continents, the Yvethi Merchant League has a small presence. Greszynmyre is also home to many Bolghyr. No other nation is worthy of note.

Yesham is home to Qullos, and several less important nations. Notably, the Postdeists have a small kingdom on this continent.

Fjorfall is composed of many seafaring nations. The only notable one is the alliance known as the Southern League. The Yvethi Merchant League also have a presence.


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