There are many continents that make up the known world of The Unexpected Heir. The most notable follow.

Carthe is the continent on which The Unexpected Heir takes place. A relatively recently discovered continent, many claimants are currently attempting to settle the fertile lands of this largely unexplored land. These include the Six Kingdoms, mainly Aestnia, Denroth, Lethbrand and Temgrin; the Albernecht Empire; and the Yvethi Merchant League. It borders Vaestia to the west, Greszynmyre to the east, and Yesham to the south across Draesta's Spine.

Vaestia is a continent taken up nearly entirely by the Six Kingdoms: Aestnia, Denroth, Hendrysson, Lethbrand, Stalbar, and Temgrin. The only other settlements on the continent are those belonging to the Yvethi Merchant League and the Prince-Bishopric of Fraige, controlled directly by the Church of Asthorn. It borders Carthe and Yesham to the east, Romathia to the south, and Zunstaria to the southwest, with Corelmire off its northwestern coast.

Romathia is the second largest continent in the known world, after Yesham. It borders Vaestia to the north, Zunstaria to the west, and Yesham to the east. Fjorfall is far to its southwest. Romathia is the birthplace of the Church of Asthorn, and contains the Realm of the Pure, where its leaders rule from The Thorn.

Zunstaria is the continent southwest of Vaestia and west of Romathia. It was renamed after the Prophet Zunstar after his death, its previous name forgotten to history.

Corelmire is an island continent to the northwest of Vaestia. Its people previously followed the Sunrise religion, but have since been converted by the Church of Asthorn, creating the Solar sect.

Yesham is the largest continent in the world. Directly south of Carthe over Draesta's Spine, the mountains are considered impassible, and the two continents may as well be half a world apart. Yesham borders Vaestia and Romathia to the west, and Greszynmyre to the northeast. Yesham is the birthplace of the religions Verast, Maiism, and the Cinnabar Road, as well as being called home by the Postdeists.

Greszynmyre borders Carthe to its west and Yesham to its southwest. It is dominated by the Albernecht Empire, which also rules most or all of the known continents across the oceans to its east.

The original homeland of the Yvethi is said to be south of Fjorfall, although explorers have not found land there. This seems to support the original Yvethi's claims that their homeland was destroyed.


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